Back Your Company With a Strong Credit Line Provider

Team up with our business credit line provider in Seaford & Manhattan, NY and serving Nassau and Suffolk County

As a small business, it's never a bad idea to have a rainy day fund. That's where The New Leaf Network comes in. If you have steady monthly income but would like the option of additional funding, turn to our firm in Seaford & Manhattan, NY for a business credit line. No matter if you're in Nassau County, Suffolk County, NY or anywhere else in the country, you'll be able to pull money when you need it and only pay interest on that amount.

Our credit line provider will meet with you to review your business financials and determine a lending amount. Once you've completed your application and we've approved it, you'll be ready to access your new line of credit. No fine print, no asterisks - our credit services really are that simple.

Put your mind at ease knowing that your company has the backup funding it needs. Contact us today to set up your business credit line.